Perspective in check

March Madness occasionally extends to the sports office and not in a good way.  This past Sunday felt like one of those games when the under dog drains crazy threes off the backboard as the shot clock expires.  I was not the under dog. 

Technical difficulties prevented us receiving Orioles highlights,  same for Towon’s game in the CAA semifinals (a spectacular effort from the undermanned Tigers).  And while we had some highlights from the Maryland Women’s incredible overtime victory against Duke for the ACC Championship (their 1st in 20 years), we were unable to obtain any post game interviews.

So by 8:00 that night, I’m trying to get in touch with Maryland Head Coach Brenda Frese.  She’s been a good sport in the past, not displaying the ego that typically accompanies a National Championship Trophy and a seven figure salary.  The avenue available came via text message to her husband Mark Thomas.  He tried to help us find some players to interview, and then said if that didn’t work out, just come over to the house and Brenda will be happy to talk.

Brenda Frese (courtesy: Sports Illustrated)

Brenda Frese (courtesy: Sports Illustrated)

Are you kidding me?  Again, the resume… National Champion, ACC Champion, elite coach.  She has no need to bend over to accommodate the media.  Maybe in 2003 when the Terps were 10-18, but certainly not now.  She also has another job, mother of one year old twin boys.  She’s kind of busy.

But there we were, Sunday night around 9:15 rolling up to Casa de Frese and she opens the door with a big smile..  “Come on in, sorry for the mess.”

We got our interview, and exited quickly hoping to interrupt as little as possible. 

On the ride back to the station I just couldn’t get over the decency of the gesture.  She knew we needed a hand, and despite her certain exhaustion and certain desires to be out of the public view for an evening following a long weekend in Greensboro, NC she didn’t blink.  I can’t think of many, if any, in that position whom would have offered the same.  Hard to picture an invitation from Gary Williams on a Sunday Night for a quick minute at his house.

So thanks Brenda and Mark, and here’s hoping we have many more occasions to bug you late on weekend nights.


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