Believe made for a nice Baltimore slogan.  Seven letters fit perfectly on a bumper sticker.  Heck, if you were quick thinking and trendy enough, BELIEVE could have adorned your license plate (if I had $39.95 I’d search to see who did it, but you know, the economy).

But the slogan rang hollow on Eutaw Street. 

11 straight losing seasons, most without a whiff of contention, had Orioles fans using fewer seven letter words and more of the four letter variety.  But now they too may believe.

And Brian Roberts is to thank.

Courtesy: Sun-Times

Courtesy: Sun-Times

The diminutive two time All Star 2nd baseman, to go all poker on you, went all in with the Orioles.  His four year contract extention that locks him up through the 2013 season is tangible proof that Baltimore now rolls on the right track.

Team President Andy MacPhail seemed to have things headed in the right direction.  He rid the team of bad contracts and bad team guys, collecting a host of young arms and speedy outfielders.  He also drafted what Baseball America calls the best prospect in all the land for 2009.  Matt Wieters redefines the phrase “Can’t Miss Kid”. 

But we’ve been sold a bill of goods that never materialized for years.  Lots of promises from a rudderless organization that has effectively lost a generation of baseball fans.  Unless you have a drivers license, you probably don’t remember the Orioles as winners.  Ouch.

So when Roberts spurned his chance to play for a contender next season, ignored the path chosen by other great players who, at least for an instant considered playing in Baltimore, he provided the proof that there is light at the end of this tunnel.

That above all makes this season different from the rest this decade.  Someone with what seem like better options chose here.  Therefore maybe he sees that grass actually is greenest at Camden Yards.    And maybe we’re not too far removed from this:


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  1. Great article Pete! Well-written and makes me watch the Orioles this year…as well as out world champ Phillies!

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