Trying a Different Formula

The Ravens changed course a bit today with the promotion of Greg Mattison to Defensive Coordinator.  Mattison does follow suit as a promotion from within, but his profile is different from the last three Ravens D-Coordinators.


Marvin Lewis, a young energetic coach on the rise, guided arguably the greatest defense in NFL history.  He parlayed that success into a head job with the Bengals.

Mike Nolan, also a coach soaring up the rankings took over for Lewis and kept the ship of destruction on path.  Nolan jumped from there to the head job in San Francisco.

Rex Ryan fit the same mold, maybe doing the best job of the three, and now sits on the throne in New York with the Jets.

Enter Mattison, who nobody considers a rising star in the coaching game.  That’s not to knock the 59 year old coach.  He has a remarkable resume, mostly from college.  He coordinated defenses at Michigan, Notre Dame, and most at Florida.  The last stop in Gainesville included a national championship.  He has proven himself a consistent winner and despite a smile that reminds you of your favorite grand fatherly memories, loves to attack a quarterback .

But he is not a youngster hungry for glory, looking to advance all the way to the top.  Not that he’d turn down a head job if somebody came calling, but it’s not his driving force.

No, his time in Baltimore comes thanks to a stop on the coaching trail 15 years at Western Michigan.  There he had a linebackers coach on his defense that impressed beyond his years.  John Harbaugh worked under Mattison and left an indelible mark.  Mattison says he knew right away that Harbaugh was destined for greatness.  And now gets to join on that journey.

So the Ravens break from the mold, and maybe that’s just what this team needs.


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