Pittsburgh redefines cold

Thank goodness the AFC Championship game is 48 hours.  We have the chance for a balmy warm up to the mid 20’s.  The welcoming temperature gauge on I-76 just east of Pittsburgh read five degrees when we arrived at 3:00 this afternoon.  Not 3:00 AM, that’s mid day!

Our satellite dish on top of our truck froze in place, requiring manual breaking of the ice.  I would have taken pictures of our engineer John Jacobs on the roof battling the condition, but it was too cold for that.  Great efforts from John and our photographer Chuck Cochran to get our equipment in working order.

I did take take off the lens cap a few times as we ventured to Jerome Bettis’ Grille 36 just down the street from Heinz Field.

There's Chuck before battling the frozen sat truck

There's Chuck before battling the frozen sat truck

Turns out the Grille, despite miserable amounts of black and gold makes for a pretty nice place.  If your coming by this weekend, I recommend.  The service was great and the food matched the service.   Bettis himself was to do his radio show on site that evening, but you know, the truck.

We did manage to find a little bit of Baltimore flavor inside as well.  And I mean a little.  A Ravens fan wearing a Steve McNair jersey was surrounded by a host of Stillers fans.  I asked to take their picture and one of the fellas from Pittsburgh said, “hey, we’re really not together so I don’t know about that”.   I said, “Aren’t you friends?”.  He responded, “Yeah but I don’t want to be in the picture with anyone wearing a Ravens jersey.” 

He relented before long, as I was wondering why in the heck it mattered since he was eating with him in a public restaurant,  but,  oh well. 

Alone in a sea of Stillers

Alone in a sea of Stillers

I did meet one Steeler fan that truly impressed.  Paul Verizance drove eight hours today from Illinois.  A huge smile on his face as he checked into his hotel, saying he really looked forward to the game.  And about the weather,  he said this felt pretty good.  It was -25 degrees in the Midwest.  Yes,  it could always be worse.


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