Susan Lucci has nothing on the Ravens

Examine each case individually and logical arguments can be made. 

Matt Ryan went 11-5, reached the playoffs, and threw for more than 3,400 yards.  Ergo, Offensive  Rookie of the year.

Matt Ryan

Matt Ryan

Mike Smith took over a complete debacle in Atlanta.  Mike Vick derailed the franchise and Bobby Petrino bailed on the Falcons in their hour of need.  Smith then led the Falcons to the post season.  Again, a very deserving Coach of the Year trophy for Smith.

Mike Smith / NBC Sports Media

Mike Smith / NBC Sports Media


James Harrison was the best player on the top ranked defense in Pittsburgh.  16 sacks and seven forced fumbles make for a nice resume, so again, the argument seems grounded.

James Harrison / newpittsburgh post courier

James Harrison / newpittsburgh post courier

But let’s zoom out and see the big picture.  Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco offered a similar resume to Ryan’s but didn’t enjoy the luxury of knowing he would start from week one.  Ryan took all the first team reps through the mini camps, training camp, and the preseason.  Flacco thought he would ride pine his entire rookie season.  Then the injuries came during preseason to Kyle Boller and Troy Smith forcing Flacco into the starring role.  He never backed down, and never gave anyone else the chance to reclaim the prize.

Joe Flacco / NY Daily News

Joe Flacco / NY Daily News

John Harbaugh’s case for Coach of the Year comes up a little short of Smith and Miami’s Tony Sparano (a close 2nd place finish to Smith).  Sure he turned around a 5-11 team to 11-5 with a rookie quarterback (and after the first week of the playoffs is the only rookie coach still coaching), but I get why ultimately the award went elsewhere.  


But he couldn’t get a single vote?  Not one.  Nobody made the case he did the best job.  Don’t forget, he took over and immediately Steve McNair retires.  Jonathan Ogden followed a few months later in June.  And his locker room was fractured.  Harbaugh convinced a bunch of veteran defenders to get on board in a totatlly different way.  That’s not worth a single vote?

And finally, the case against Ed Reed.  Wait,  I can’t think of one.  Not a single defensive force made more of an impact this season.  He also returns punts.  James Harrison, when asked to perform a secondary role, long snapped a ball over the head of his punter for a safety.  That’s not versatility.  Reed scored three touchdowns in the regular season, led the NFL in  interceptions, and did it all with an injured neck.


Reed finished 3rd in the voting.

In reality though, Ravens fans should be thrilled.  The “Nobody respects us” card is free to be played over, and over again.  The snubs provide further galvanization. 

It’s all coming together, beware the scorned Raven evermore.

I chatted about the Ravens with several of you Monday afternoon. You can read the Q&A <a href=””><B>here</B></a&gt;.


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