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Who are these guys?
December 1, 2008

12 weeks in and I continue to struggle with figuring out the 2008 Ravens.  Many of the players are the same, but the most influential positions offer us no personal history in Baltimore. 

Joe Flacco, John Harbaugh, and Cam Cameron are all new to us.  How can we know what to really expect from these guys the next month?

The Ravens sit on the precipice of the playoffs but face three teams with winning records in their last four games (the other is Jacksonville who the Raven have historically struggled against, then again what does that now mean?).   We know Baltimore will beat teams it should .  6-0 vs. opponents with a losing record.  John Harbaugh has never failed in keeping his players focused no matter how bad the opponent.  Witness the menagerie of blowouts in that 6-0 record.

But against teams with winning records the Ravens sit at 2-4.  Twice blown out, twice nearly missed, and twice in the win column.  As I write this I really have no idea what to expect down the stretch, or what fair expectations should be.

This team looked horrible throughout the preseason and had all the trademark qualities of a bottom feeder.  Rookie QB, rookie coach, aging defense, and a lack of play makers on offense.  How does that add up to an 8-4 record?  I guess through commitment and chemistry.  The level of talent from team to team doesn’t vary that much in the parity driven free agent climate.  Finding out how to get the best from the greenest of rookies to the wiliest of veterans makes the difference.  So far, the Ravens have accomplished at least that, what that means for the month of December though remains hard to predict.