Almost there…

I have tried to contain optimism for the Ravens playoff possibilities.  I didn’t even think they’d win Sunday in Houston.  4th out of five on the road left me thinking they would finally have that hiccup.

But again, against a not so great team, the Ravens proved impressive.  Allright, better than impressive.  They so thoroughly crushed Sage Rosenfels confidence, he may never throw a touchdown pass again.  And once more, Joe Flacco goes 60 minutes without an interception.  That’s four straight games for the rookie without tossing a pick.

I still though can’t commit to the credibility of this team.  My eyes tell me they’re good but just one of their victories has come against a winning team (Miami, 5-4). 

To make the playoffs they will likely need four victories in their last seven games.  Those games come against the Giants (8-1), Eagles (5-4), Bengals (1-8), Redskins (6-3),  Steelers (6-3), Cowboys (5-4),and Jaguars (4-5).  

If the Ravens don’t prove ready for the post season.  If Joe Flacco starts acting his age, likewise Ray Lewis, and Baltimore ends at 8-8 that’s okay.  A culture change has engulfed the Castle.  If not now, then soon the Ravens will return to the elite and it’s a good bet they’ll stay there for a while.


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