God bless you Terrell Suggs.  You’re consistent ability to say things that leave your coaches and teammates cringing keep you at the top of the list for favorite players to invterview.

Commenting on a syndicated radio talk show this weeks Suggs hit the daily double.  He claimed the Ravens have a bounty out for Steelers receiver Hines Ward.  For the uninitiated, that’s a mega no-no in the NFL.  And then went on to say he wishes Troy Smith was the Ravens starting quarterback.  Again, in case you did not know, the Ravens already have a starter.

The comment that best described the situation today at Ravens headquarters in the media room went like this.   “It’s as if he’s living in the 1950’s, completely unaware that what you say in one city can be heard in another.”  Can’t remember who exactly who painted that picture, but it was one of the Marks from Comcast Sportsnet.  I guess they’ll have to share credit.

It was dead on though.  Suggs has done this before.  Last summer he told a KTVK-TV in Phoenix that he would love to play for the Cardinals.  And get this, somehow word of that interview made its way all the way here to Baltimore.  Suggs backtracked from that idea saying how he’d love to end his career with the Ravens.

He tried to smooth things over once again after his latest team sport gaffe, but the damage in the mind of John Harbaugh and maybe Joe Flacco (although honestly Joe seems to care so little about what anybody else thinks it won’t be a point of contention) is a distraction that must be dealt with.

I don’t think Suggs means to agravate those in his world.  His transgressions come from wanting to please others rather than take anybody down.  But how he can’t see the headaches coming is amazing.  It’s like lending money to people that can’t afford it and then being amazed when they go belly up.  How could that ever happen?

Suggs of course will be completely forgiven for a few interview comments so long as he plays like he did Sunday against the Dolphins.


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