Brown Out

Ravens rookie Joe Flacco threw a pair of interceptions. 

Jim Leonhard blitzed at the wrong time and the Browns scored a touchdown right from where he came. 

Dawan Landry suffered a nearly catastrophic injury (fortunately today the report on Landry is good, just a neck brace for a week or two) that saw him carted off the field after lying motionless for eight minutes.

All that, yet the Ravens trounced the Browns 28-10. 

And that’s why this now gets interesting.  Winning through adversity inspires.  It builds trust.  It gives you history from which to draw when things get even tougher. 

Almost nobody saw the Ravens coming together as a team, looking rejuventated on defense and reinvented on offense with such execution.  Yet here they sit at 2-0 with a trip to Pittsburgh on Monday Night. 

The Steelers were humbled Sunday in Philadelphia allowing more sacks (9) than points they scored (6).  Ben Roethlisberger was a punching bag for an Eagles defense that looked horrible six days earlier in Dallas.

Never can a division rival feel all that great about facing the Steelers on Monday night in Pittsburgh.  That one tends to go the way of the black and gold.  But a little adversity like the first ever road game for Joe Flacco might be just the inspiration they need to take a comfy game and a half lead in the AFC North.


PS:  Two players that might be on the downside of their careers beyond redemption are Todd Heap and Matt Stover.  Heap hasn’t even played mediocre, as he drops passes and doesn’t engage in the blocking scheme with the level of physicality desired by the coaching staff.  And Matt Stover hasn’t hit a field goal beyond 30 yards.  His two attempts from 40 plus have misfired.  Against better teams the Ravens can’t afford to miss out on scoring opportunities from the 30 yard line.


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