Deal Gone Wrong

Immediate Gratification vs. Delayed Payment.  Children make that deal all the time, then can’t believe it when their parents actually make them eat all the broccoli on their plates.

Bill Belichick is not a child, but obviously he made the deal with the devil, and Satan’s come calling with the bill. 

Maybe a better analogy is running up an booze induced monster tab with all your friends getting on board your credit card.  Belichick’s choice of inebriation not coming from alcohol, instead the intoxication of a possible dynasty.

The check came with David Tyree’s ridiculous helmet catch in the Super Bowl.  And last week the repo man took all that Belichick has left in the form of Tom Bradys knee ligaments.

Once more, in a deal with the devil always remember,  advantage Lucifer.


One Response

  1. And for those of us who are Giants fans, we’re so glad that the deal expired during the fourth quarter of Super Bowl XLII!!!

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