Limping to the line

In theory, the 4th preseason game accomplishes two goals.  Backups can fight for the final spots on the roster and teams make money.  That should be it.

The Ravens however have many more tasks at hand for Thursday night.  Troy Smith, if he can overcome a viral illness involving his tonsils, will not only start by play a significant amount of time.  Accompanying Smith then would be the first team offensive line. 

It’s not a disaster scenario, but clearly the Ravens put themselves at risk for injury and put extra wear on some veterans that don’t need it.

There’s not really an alternative, but this can’t bode well for the season.  Derrick Mason said it poignantly today.  “We’re not in an ideal situation.  We’re not an ideal team right now.”

But the attitude at Owings Mills, at least on the surface, is the one you’d hope to see.  Nobody’s hanging their head instead pledging to move forward. 

I asked John Harbaugh if he’s wondering when things will start going smoothly.  He responded, “It’s the NFL.  Is it ever supposed to go smoothly?”

And hey, the final preseason game now is actually worth tuning in to.   Good thing, it’s on our station.


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