UnPhavorable Pheedback

It’s just more fun when you can drop in a “ph”.   Michael Phelps gets the credit for that and just about everything else.  I hear he helped the of cessation of hostilities between Russia and Georgia.  Burt and Lonnie said they’d give it another go if Phelps will be their counselor. 

That’s the level of adulation engulfing the greatest swimmer of all time.  His destruction of the competition at the Beijing Games remains jaw dropping.  I can’t think of anyone matching physical supremacy with mental toughness and determination like Phelps.  He is impervious to pressure, teflon to distractions.  Phelps actually won gold, set a world record while swimming blind!

But what accompanies the gushing praise?  As always, a few green eyed monsters. 

Not everyone loves to trumpet brilliance.  Some choose to minimize, belittle, or downright discredit.  Phil Hersh in today’s Chicago Tribune challenges Michael Phelps greatness, claiming he’s not even in the top five of greatest Olympians ever.

Hey, it’s subjective.  Ranking athletes from different eras will always create different opinions.  Hersh though goes to great lengths in his column to downplay Michael’s accomplishments.  It seems Hersh’s agenda of criticism stems from a desire to slap down his media brethren as much as it does Michael Phelps.

He wants to be different.  He wants to appear smarter. 

He has the latter down pat.

Personally, I prefer the analysis from someone like ESPN.com’s Pat Forde.  His eyewitness accounts of one of the greatest Olympic stories has depth and perspective.  And most importantly, no outward agenda.


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