Training Camp Kickoff

The first practice of training camp of the John Harbaugh era is in the books.  Hope you’re not sick of the phrase John Harbaugh era.  I use it as a crutch with neither reserve or remorse.  It’s like Justin Timberlake hosting the ESPYS and using his effeminite voice when things hit a dull spot.  I just can’t help myself.

Anyway, on the field it looked an awful lot like mini camp.  Makes sense, only rookies, quarterbacks, and returning injured veterans have reported.  There were so few bodies on the field that Harbaugh himself jumped in at cornerback during some drills.  The quarterbacks were quick to praise his efforts after practice, but let’s just say there’s a reason his football career was so short lived.

The rest of the team reports for duty Thursday night then pratices for the first time Friday morning.

So with little to examine, all eyes went to the quarterbacks.  The three-way open competition between Kyle Boller, Troy Smith, and Joe Flacco has seven weeks to work itself out, and really won’t get going till Friday.  With no pads and no veterans with which to play, it would be foolish to try and evaluate performances from today. 

Color me foolish.

Kyle Boller looked the best in drills against a defense.  He was accurate and decisive.  Joe Flacco wasn’t far behind.  He missed a few more throws, but made no serious mistakes.  Even in such low intensity drills he is fun to watch.  The ball leaves his hand so quickly we are forced to pay much greater attention when standing on the sideline.  He might just put one upside your head in the blink of an eye.

Troy Smith however did not enjoy such a smooth morning.  Three passes were picked off including a ball that went directly into the stomach of secondary coach Chuck Pagano.  John Harbaugh said he wouldn’t evaluate till Friday, but that sure, anytime you see something it gets filed away.  Smith hopes he files that one far, far away.

They’ll practice again this afternoon at 3:30.


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