Not on your life

Oh, the temptation is strong.   All the reasons the Ravens drafted Joe Flacco; the rocket arm, the Marino-esque release, the willingness to study and work, they’ve all been on display.  And compared to his competition, there is no question who gives the offense the best chance to score points, or at least who will with a little experience.

John Harbaugh has to want to start him.  How can he not?

Six weeks ago Harbaugh said it was highly unlikely that Flacco would start from week one, that he would have to be so far ahead of the others, that he would have to blow Kyle Boller and Troy Smith away.

Harbaugh’s tune, at least to the media, has not changed.  But watching the workouts and the steady progression of Flacco leaves you knowing the temptation grows. 

Oh dear.

Don’t do it.

Just say no.

No matter how solid Flacco looks the benefits from starting week one against Cincinnati can’t come close to the possible damages inflicted.  An offensive line that will have zero players starting in the position they played last season, a schedule ranked 4th toughest in the NFL, and the last time an NFL team started a rookie in week one was Kyle Boller. 

76 days till the opener with the Bengals.  Here’s to Flacco making enough bad decisions on the field to keep John Harbaugh from making what might be a catastrophic decision for the future of the franchise.


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  1. Go Joe Flacco!!

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