Hating Duke goes too far

First disclaimer. I don’t like Duke either. 99 percent of people born in the state of Maryland grow up not liking the Blue Devils. I’d bet 90 percent willingly say they hate the school. The school exudes arrogance, elitism, and a sense of entitlement that just feels wrong.

The face of the school is Mike Krzyzewski. His smugness combined with that angelic “I’ve never even thought of an NCAA violation” can give you the creeps. I’m just not buying all of his “Saint Mike” act. Coach K curses at least a third as much as Gary Williams, and that’s a lot.

That said, I think we’ve taken this hating Duke thing too far.

The glorious venom spewed at Durham and Krzyzewski after the 2nd round loss to West Virginia went way too far. I didn’t mind fans cheering against Duke, but to praise Bob Huggins and the Mountaineers as the conquerors of the “Evil Empire” was a joke.

Cheering for Bob Huggins at any level makes my skin crawl.

The former head coach at Cincinnati ran so far afoul of the NCAA rules as to have the school labeled without “institutional control”. When you do so many things wrong, they need such a broad label.

Add in his D.W.I. conviction (and not the kind on a technicality, he was stinking drunk) that led to his termination finally from Cincinnati, to his jetting Kansas State after just one year in Manhattan for a better job in West Virginia, and he exemplifies everything that is wrong with a person tasked with leading young men. And let’s not forget, that is ultimately the task of a college basketball coach.

To cheer this guy over Coach K, who’s greatest transgressions, in reality, are a result of jealousy (yep I admit it), means as a society we need to take a collective breath and reevaluate.

Duke is fun to hate like the Yankees are fun to hate. They win too much, they seem to have everything handed on a silver spoon, they just don’t seem to have earned it as much.

But Duke and Mike Krzyzewski should earn our respect, at least when compared to Bob Thuggins in Morgantown.


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