Roger That (was ridiculous)

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There proved no shortage of reaction pieces to the deliciously distasteful (is that an oxymoron?) debacle on Capitol Hill Wednesday. And if you can’t get enough of wallowing in Roger Clemens misery, take a look here.

Since those that know more than me (and actually watched all of the nearly five hours of testimony) wrote so extensively I won’t offer much in the way of analysis. Although the image of Clemens staring down his accusers as if to say “you aren’t qualified to judge me” has been seared into my memory. There may be no more arrogant person on this planet.

What struck me most about these hearings was the Orioles had nothing to do with them. The last time Congress gathered to talk steroids we saw Rafael Palmeiro infamously waggle his finger and Sammy Sosa claim he knew not how to speak English.

As the Orioles begin their full blown reconstruction, they seem well distanced from the scandal and actually make us feel good in just talking about baseball. Palmeiro and Sosa are out of baseball. Miguel Tejada is traded. Jay Gibbons might disappear from the roster through a shear drop in talent. Brian Roberts might soon be traded and if not, at least he cleanly addressed his role and fans seem willing to believe his steroid chapter is completely written.

Meanwhile, imagine the new tenure for Joe Girardi. He takes over for Joe Torre and his first day of spring training is a deluge of questions about Andy Pettitte admitting not only his own use of HGH (which was more frequent than he admitted shortly after the Mitchell Report came out) but also his affidavit that says Roger Clemens admitted using as well. Pettitte might receive a warmer welcome in Saskatchewan than in the Yankees clubhouse.

So while much of the baseball world still must reconcile (my favorite most used word from Wednesday other than misremembered) with the scandal that won’t go away, the Orioles quietly chart their course towards respectability and contention. We may not see many wins this year, but at least the O’s are on track to regain credibility.


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