The wait is almost over

It seems more and more likely, imminent even, that the Orioles will send Erik Bedard to the Mariners for a host of prospects headlined by Adam Jones.

Losing your best pitcher, the only home grown ace on staff since Mike Mussina, can’t help but sting for everyone that works for or roots for the Orioles. Especially since we only saw the tip of his likely greatness. A two month stretch last season in which he dominated more than any other pitcher in baseball. The Canadian Kid tossed a freaking 2-hit shut out in which he faced the minimum.

But what else can Andy MacPhail do? He has no depth on the major league roster, and little in the minors. The Orioles are a player or two or eight away. They need a total makeover franchise edition. This is how its done.

It will hurt. The next two years might actually see fewer wins than the embarrassing total of 69 from 2007.

The Bedard trade will unclog the traffic jam out of Baltimore. Brian Roberts will be next to go. And if anyone will have them, expect to see Aubrey Huff, Melvin Mora, and maybe even Kevin Millar ride out of town too.

After the carnage is complete, we may then start the judging. Can Andy MacPhail accomplish what he did in Minnesota? I can barely fathom how far down this franchise will plummet if so. Because yes, it can get worse. Just take a look at Kansas City.


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