Garrett’s Gaff

Jason Garrett turned down the Ravens to stay offensive coordinator in Dallas. That alone has to hurt the Ravens pride. But then to learn he likely only used your opening as leverage to stay with the Cowboys for more money, and the term seething comes to mind here in Owings Mills.

Garrett said in his press conference with the Dallas media today that he really made up his mind Monday while meeting with the Cowboys offense. For those keeping a time table, that’s the day before he travelled to Baltimore for a 2nd interview in which he “pondered” accepting the Ravens offer to coach.

Garrett used the Ravens plain and simple, and frankly the front office here should have seen it coming. He’s not a seasoned player in these kinds of games. Recognizing that Jerry Jones would do whatever he could to keep him (especially after Tony Sparano left for Miami) was a must for Steve Bisciotti, Dick Cass, and Ozzie Newsome.

That miscalculation sends the Ravens back to square one with no slam dunk candidate lying in wait as plan B. John Harbaugh has the charisma and charm they seek, but with not even coordinator experience he would be a huge risk. Brian Schottenheimer has more experience, but his resume of leading an offense ranked worse than the Ravens wouldn’t exactly thrill fans in Baltimore. “Yes, we got rid of Brian Billick for continued failure to score points, and replace him with someone who scored less. You got a problem with that?”

That leads us to Brian’s Dad. He has the resume and clout to change the things in a locker room that needs changing, but how long could you realistically expect Marty Schottenheimer to stick around? He’s 64 years old. Not to offend our AARP crowd, but a ten year run hardly seems likely.

So wow, what an indictment of Brian Billick. With his firing and the preceding coaching search that leaves nobody thinking a great answer can be found, the Ravens have made it clear. Their next coach needs just one quality. Don’t be Brian Billick.


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