How could we be so wrong?

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Norv Turner? The Norv Turner? He’s 2-0 in the playoffs this season, riding an eight game win streak, with the same team that couldn’t win a playoff game despite the best record in the NFL last season? That Norv Turner?

The term Norvulous takes on a whole new meaning. How could a guy that struggled so badly as a head coach in two different stints turn into a clutch post season leader?

And don’t forget, his Chargers started the season 1-3 making him less popular in Southern California than wildfires and mud slides, just ahead of earthquakes.

One more who’d a thunk it. His quarterback has the maturity of a trust fund teenager planning her 16th birthday party with an MTV production crew in tow.

Yet here they are, the Chargers, in the AFC Title game

I have no insight as to how they turned things around with a coach sporting a 71-87-1 record (greatly improved by a 13-5 mark this season). I just can’t believe it.

Speaking of can’t believe.

I’m torn between thinking Terrell Owens should have gotten one of those Golden Globes and wondering if there’s a true imbalance. But what was not on the youtube clip, a follow up question about his relationship with Tony Romo, is it the best he’s ever had with a quarterback. That’s when Owens responded that he’s had great relationships with all his quarterbacks, that he always had their backs.

Somewhere Donovan McNabb and Jeff Garcia are still snorting milk out of their noses.


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