Ravens and Terps, nothing in common right now except this post

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Nearly two weeks into the Ravens search to replace Brian Billick and we know as much as we did two weeks ago. The list of candidates really hasn’t changed and no real front runner has emerged, at least not publicly.

That’s how the Ravens operate. We aren’t going to know who they like or don’t until Steve Bisciotti stands at the podium introducing his new coach. I’d only get concerned if we’ve hit mid-February and the Ravens P.R. staff sends out an e-mail saying the process continues as several new candidates are set for interviews. Then we line up with pitchforks and torches to storm the castle.

We ventured to College Park earlier this week for a routine press meeting with Gary Williams and a few of his players. With the Terps coming off a nearly blown victory at Charlotte, combined with losses to American and Ohio universities already, I was beyond curious to gauge the mood of Coach Williams. He’s been known to bite the heads off of reporters during ten game win streaks, so this had the potential for something interesting.

What I found was a relaxed, upbeat, engaging Gary Williams. He didn’t mind discussing what had gone wrong this season and never got defensive. His only mini-diatribe came against CBS. He feels the network promotes March Madness so early and exclusively that it ignores a great regular season.

I’m not sure what to make of an anti-surly Gary but why not hazard a guess huh? I think he knows his team has talent, but too much of the depth comes from kids that just aren’t ready for prime time. He believes the future is great and so suffering through a tough season won’t matter in the big picture. He also has very likeable, pleasant, hard working kids. After a five year run in which his group of core players tested the patience of anyone that had anything to do with Terps basketball, the current kids are worth the wait.

That said, an RPI rating 65 spots below that of UMBC doesn’t sit well with anyone connected to College Park.


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