Because 2007 needed just one more story

Brian Billick won 18 more games than he lost over nine seasons with the Ravens, did so with character, flair, arrogance and integrity..

We always like to paint people and things as good or bad, but rarely is anything so black and white. Brian Billick did a lot better than most, like explain even the most ridiculous play call in a way that makes sense. Few have that ability.

Every Monday he stood there resolute to the task of winning the next game no matter how bleak the season. I was continually amazed at how he could stand there believing his team had a chance when we knew it had none.

Who’s fault was that? Steve Bisciotti believed it was Brian’s and that’s all that matters. He fired the coach today saying that now they begin the process of finding somebody new.

Of course, they already have a plan we just don’t know what it is. Credit the franchise, they tend not to make rash decisions without accounting for the future. Rex Ryan will get an interview, but it would be tough to see him promoted here. The players love him, but as their coordinator. It’s a whole different world as head coach and tends to work better when you walk in without the relationships already intact.

Personally, I’ll miss Brian. He was a stand up guy that gave the same amount of time to someone like me that he barely knew as a long time beat writer. If you asked a stupid question he acknowledged it, sometimes in brutal fashion. But ultimately he never shied away from backing his decisions, and he did not throw players under the bus.

It’s a little ironic that one of criticisms of Billick over the years was that he took it too easy on players, when it seems the players dissatisfaction with the coach helped show him the door.


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