Provincial Pride Tough to Find

Tough to puff out the chest of late in Baltimore. The Ravens fall from elite status has Britney Spears thinking they’ve had it rough. The Orioles trade of Miguel Tejada officially signified the blowing up the team meaning a minimum three years before possible contention in the A.L. East. THREE YEARS MINIMUM. Then there’s the Mitchell Report.

How can a team suffer through a 10 year losing streak and have connection to the most players named in the report? When does the performance enhancing start?

The Mitchell Report was comprehensive in length. 409 pages made for tough perusing. It delivered the big names as promised, but what passed for evidence seemed ridiculous at times. Brian Roberts is named in the report. He made “the list”. Forever, the all-star 2nd baseman’s image and career are tainted. And his crime to earn inclusion? Admitted steroid and HGH user Larry Bigbie claims that when Roberts was living with he and David Segui (also an admitted user), that Roberts never used steroids even while Segui and Bigbie were, but a year later said he had tried them once or twice. That’s it.

I don’t know if Roberts did or did not use. Bigbie was caught by the Feds with his hands in the syringe jar leaving anything he had to say as questionable.

Ultimately the Mitchell Report should prove useful as it made MLB take full notice and accountability for the steroid problem. This should be the platform from which the sport cleans itself. But that doesn’t make throwing players under the bus an acceptable practice.

Regardless though of Roberts participation, the level of dysfunction in the Orioles clubhouse seemed to match the mess on the field. Andy MacPhail appears set to clean the slate and at least that’s something.

To find though real local sports pride right now it’s hats off to the Dunbar Poets for making good on defending their 1A State Football Championship. They dismantled all comers after suffering through the loss of their coach, Ben Eaton, just before the season began. Oh yeah, and offer up maybe the best running back ever from Baltimore in Tavon Austin. 92 career touchdowns, and he still has his senior season to go. Dunbar, thanks for carrying the mantle awhile.


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