Millar’s Mistake

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My jaw remains unhinged after watching the beginning of Game Seven last night of the ALCS. Not because the Red Sox rallied from the brink with three straight wins to reach the World Series. Rather because one of the most prominent faces of the Orioles, Kevin Millar, not only threw out the first pitch for the Red Sox, he read the Boston Lineup with more enthusiasm than Jimmy Fallon in Fever Pitch.

Didn’t see the beginning to Game Five, but his Cowboying Up for Boston was even worse.

Absofrigginlutely ridiculous.




Any of the aforementioned appropriately describe the decision by Millar to take such an active role in cheering a division rival while still playing for Baltimore, and the decision by Andy MacPhail to let Millar trade in the orange and black for Beantown red and blue.

I get that what the Sox did in 2004 was beyond memorable, that they want to use it for inspiration this year. But even in Boston, they don’t get having Millar back to rally the Sawx. NESN’s coverage from Game Five had everyone kind of scratching their heads from Boston Manager Terry Francona to Red Sox broadcaster Jerry Remy.

The Orioles may have thought Millar was to simply throw out the first pitch and be done with it. But they know him. They had to know he’d go five steps farther. If he could still be playing in Boston, Millar would hop on Southwest in a heart beat for the $49 special and cab it straight to Fenway without ever checking in to a hotel. He of course got caught up in the festivities, the excitement of the post season, all the things we don’t have and won’t anytime soon in Charm City. His judgment, or lack thereof, comes as no surprise. His rally cry three years ago came with he and his mates titled as idiots.

The real frustration comes in allowing Millar the stage to embarrass everyone associated with, and that roots for the Orioles. How doesn’t the front office know that O’s fans hate the Red Sox. They hate that tens of thousands come to town taking over Camden Yards turning it into Fenway South. They hate that New England fans also have the best football team on the planet. Anyone seriously think the Red Sox needed Millar’s help?

A team leader shouldn’t be openly soliciting cheers on national television for a rival. It’s just that simple. If you can’t see why that hurts, why that’s wrong, and why it’s symptomatic of a growing tradition of losing, then you just don’t get it. And once again, that’s the case with the Orioles.


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