Saturday Night’s All Right for Terping

Kind of lame? Sure, but I’m at work while you’re hopefully not. In fact, I hope nobody reads this till Sunday. But watching Maryland face 19th ranked Virginia inspired me to get to typing. Napoleon Dynamite continues to lead the Terps on a surprising run of success. Who knew the best quarterback on campus looks more harmless than Elmo building blocks with Big Bird. Chris Turner somehow kept hidden the leadership skills that have everyone on College Park buzzing about football even though basketball season is underway. Turner will lead Maryland to a decent bowl game and a year end ranking in the top 25. There I said it.

Speaking of Maryland hoops, a very different feel encompased media day. Gary Williams made it clear that he likes this team. Not just the talent, but he actually likes the kids. Told me he doesn’t have to motivate anyone to practice, that they really want more than to win, but to do it the right way. And the way he talked about this group made it clear that the last several years were not like this. He refused to ever publicly get down on his back to back, highly touted recruiting classes after the National Championship. He held his tongue. But now he has a very different chemistry working at Comcast Center, the kind that makes runs into the post season. It might be ugly early with six freshman and just two seniors with significant roles, but in February they might start ripping through the ACC. In fact, they will, earning a five seed or better in the NCAA’s. There, I said that too.


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