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Ray Lewis said after the Ravens barely hung on to beat the Jets, that of course the defense let down some. That when you get a big lead you play prevent and that’s just part of football. Fair enough, but they sure took their sweet time in stepping back on the gas. If Justin McCariens could hang on to the ball they might still be playing. Ray also reminded that in crunch time, they made the play to win, so it’s no big deal. After playing like a warrior for two games with barely two arms, he deserves to make that point.

As the Orioles limp their way to another losing season, this time in often record breaking fashion, my passion for baseball grows more and more dim. That’s the saddest thing about this run of putridity. They are well on their way to losing a generation of baseball young fans in Baltimore. If you don’t care about the hometown team you won’t care about the sport.

High school football in Maryland kicked off once more, and I am constantly amazed at the depth and quality of players in state. Take a look at the top five plays from the past week that we caught on camera at highschoolplaybook.com. Tavon Austin from Dunbar mesmerizes every time he touches the ball. He already has a pair of scholarship offers from ACC schools as Maryland and Boston College have made their sales pitches. No doubt, many more offers are on the way.


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