Redskins/Ravens Scrimmage

100 degrees but only 44 percent humidity so they say it only feels like 150 degrees on the field. A guess from the press box says 15,000 fans on hand which is pretty cool for a glorified practice. But while it wont last as long as a regular game, the amount of things going on at once leaves you a little dizzy.

At midfield you have two sets of one on one drills between lineman battling at the same time. Then the Ravens offense in the red zone and the Redskins offense going the other way from the 40 yard line. And no timeouts. So while I had to miss a bunch, what I saw Ravens fans will like. The lineman drills consistently saw one on one wins for the home team. Haloti Ngata almost went untouched with a move to beat his man. Three times in a row Chris Chester kept his defender at bay, and rookie Jared Gaither simply engulfed 7 year veteran Andre Carter. You would have thought Carter was the rookie.

The down side for the Ravens came from some of the veteran lineman. Keydrick Vincent looked like France in WWII, completely run over. Mike Flynn didn’t fare much better.

They’ve now spread things out and watching the offenses have some room you have to be impressed with Jason Campbell. The 6’5″ quarterback from Auburn is accurate and strong. He hit James Thrash dead perfect on a 45 yard strike to beat Samari Rolle for a touchdown.

The Ravens starter didn’t impress as often. We know Steve McNair no longer possesses a cannon but several lolly gagged passes were picked or should have been.

More to come…

First teamers of 11 on 11 went the way of the Ravens. Washington went first and the Reskins managed just one first down after starting from their own 35. Strange though Washington did not use Campbell at all for the full team scrimmage. It showed. The Skins went nowhere.

The Ravens then with the ball marched down the field. A 3rd down conversion from McNair to Todd Heap thrilled and then made nervous the crowd. He wouldn’t go down. Six Redskins finally gang tackled number 86. Some players can’t off the switch, it’s why they love him. Kyle Boller finished up the drive and looked solid until it was first and goal. Remember though, in a scrimmage you won’t do anything save the most vanilla of plays. It’s not easy to get anything done in little space. However, a couple of ugly looking pass attempts to Demetrius Williams didn’t anybody clamoring for number seven to start. The drive resulted in the most familiar of fashions, a Matt Stover field goal.

Nothing but 2nd and 3rd teamers left playing and it’s almost interview time so I’m headed to the locker room. Good Start Baltimore, it’s something from which to build.


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