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Perlozzo deserves better
June 21, 2007

Not necessarily to keep his job. A simple fact of baseball, or any professional sport, is that the manager or coach must win. That’s not always enough, but it’s always a fact. Perlozzo though deserves better from his players.

Every time I sat in the dugout during Perlozzo’s tenure partaking in his pre-game meeting with the media, he always backed his players. Never would he call anybody out. Never would he even hint at a specific transgression (and wow were there many from which to choose). He certainly failed at perfection, and it seems, struggled to communicate with some players. You can always tell that when a player talks about the new person as being very good at communicating, while saying nothing about the previous regime.

And that’s what gets me. They said almost nothing. Nobody took to blame, which they certainly had the freedom to do with guaranteed contracts. Nobody stood up and said:

Sorry Sam. We let you down with some pretty lackluster
efforts, but thanks for having our backs anyway.

Either the lot of ’em lack a whole lot of class and tact or we don’t know about some really cruddy stuff Perlozzo did. Since everything of substance leaks at some point, you have to believe it’s the former and not the latter.

Perlozzo ends up with a paid vacation for the next 16 months. Not bad of course, but he’d give it all back in a heartbeat for the chance to finish out his dream job.


Plenty of rest for the weary
June 11, 2007

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Oh dear. The O’s hit a new low on Sunday, reaching a level of crappiness not seen since Rafael Palmeiro blamed his positive steroid test on teammate Miguel Tejada. At least a level of embarrassment for their fans.

Melvin Mora, who I have loved as an Oriole and for years has represented the team with tremendous class, just flat out failed as a leader for his team.

Mora asked out of the lineup for a mental health day. Said he’s just not right at the plate. And while that may be true, his batting average having dipped to a miserable .242, with the Orioles mired in a horrendous offensive slump, you can’t just quit. Keep in mind too, the O’s have an off day today. They also had one last Thursday. And there’s the stretch of time from October through the first half of January to get mentally right.

Most of the team is struggling right now and would probably like a day off. But as an alleged leader, one who currently enjoys a contract extension worth 25 million dollars, you can’t just ride the pine to decompress.

Mora’s day of rest proves emblematic of the Orioles culture of losing. Instead of fighting through a problem, setting an example as the 2nd longest tenured Oriole, instead of wanting to work harder and right the ship, he quit. Only for a day, but he quit.

Embracing this team as your own becomes more and more difficult. There’s just no fight. And when you struggle to respect the players and organization for which you want to cheer, the cheers disappear.