Moss + Patriots = Disaster

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The Ravens completed their draft weekend in typical fashion. A collection of solid, if unspectacular picks that should strengthen the foundation for years to come. It’s what they do. But even grabbing the Heisman Trophy winner at the end of the 5th round failed to cause as big a stir as the Patriots draft weekend shocker; trading for Randy Moss.

Despite a recent history of quitting on his team, and a long term history of me-first behavior, many seem to think this is a good move for the Patriots. That New England immediately becomes the front runner to win the Super Bowl.


If not for Terrell Owens, Moss would easily go down as the greatest talent – slash – worst teammate in the NFL. Moss to the Patriots is like Rush Limbaugh joining up with Air America Radio.

No team, in any major team sport, has better exemplified unselfishness, sacrifice, and humility than the Patriots this decade. They came up with the idea to run out of the tunnel collectively instead of individual introductions at the Super Bowl. They each gave up that, albeit small but, priceless lifetime memory in sake of the team. Randy Moss’ idea of behavior on the big stage, pantomiming mooning the fans in the playoffs.

Moss will likely start out toeing the line. He’s already saying all the right things and will probably catch a pair of touchdowns in week one. But by the time the Patriots come to M&T Bank Stadium in December, the marriage will have ended in some manner of disgrace. There’s no way after 30 years of being Randy Moss he’ll morph into his college teammate Troy Brown.

And the best part of the deal for Ravens fans and fans all across the league. No matter what, the Patriots can now send that holier than thou attitude to the bottom of the Boston Harbor. The image of purity and righteousness is gone. They’re dancing with the devil to win game just like the rest of the NFL. Next step for Bob Kraft, the courting of Pacman Jones.


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