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Is it ironic that the Orioles spent 42.4 million dollars in the off season to bolster a heavily beleaguered bullpen, and the best reliever so far this season is a guy they already had on staff and earns the veteran minimum? You bet. But it’s the kind they don’t mind a bit either.

John Parrish missed half of the 2005 season and all of the 2006 campaign following reconstructive elbow surgery. He also missed the 2002 season with a knee injury. So expecting Parrish to take the title of bullpen boss would be akin to expecting Sanjaya Malakar to shave his head. Not the O’s fault. The talent though has always been there.

I talked with John in the clubhouse today about his resurgence. About his 13 strikeouts in 7.2 innings. About his zero earned runs in nine appearances. About food poisoning (yeah, Thursday was rough for John. A lousy bout had him throwing up all day but the color has returned to his scruffy face and he’ll pitch tonight if needed.)

I asked him if he was surprised at how well he’s pitched.


If he ever though about giving it up with so many major injuries.


Like Harry Doyle’s color man in the movie Major League, John’s a man of few words. He’s just having a blast and can’t wait to pitch again, and again, and again. The difference in his outstanding performance from some wild times in mound history comes from maturity. He’s not afraid to throw strikes anymore, believing his stuff is that good. And with no question, he’s right.


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