MIAA A Boys Title Game Log

7:03 PM

Welcome to the game log of the MIAA A Boys Title Game between Towson Catholic (27-4) and McDonogh (22-7). The Owls of T.C. ripped through the MIAA with a perfect 16-0 regular season mark, then destroyed St. Frances in the semi finals by 35. McDonogh though offered some resistance to the Owls, losing by just a single point in their last meeting (however, likely McDonald’s All-American Donte Green did not play).

Gilman Prep plays host for tonight’s festivities with a great venue. A retro feel but the gym’s not yet 20 years old. Our first controversy of the night comes with the ball. Too much air in a brand new, just out of the wrapper, MIAA logo’d beauty. Sounds great, but a brand new ball can be slick. A special order job released some air, and now we may begin.

7:15 PM

Just over half way through the first quarter, and I think they need to let a little more air out of the Wilson. Several ball handling mistakes that clearly were caused the ball simply bouncing too high. Enough of ball-gate though, the Owls when not struggling are spectacular. Their 2-1-2 zone press wreaks havoc. Joe Yermal opened the scoring for the Eagles, but since then TC has fone ona a 14-1 run. Donte Green looks highly motivated, maybe a little point to prove after the last game that he missed. 14-3 Owls at the 3:35 mark.

7:25 PM

The Donte Green show could run for a long time on or off Broadway. He passes, he rebounds, he blocks shots, and he scores in spectacular fashion. 11 points in the 1st quarter alone for Donte, that matches McDOnogh’s team output. 21-11 after one, but the Eagles earned a little momentum. Brandon Herbert beat the buzzer with a three to end the quarter.

7:35 PM

The Eagles make their move. A couple of stops on defense and a barrage of makes have McDonogh now down seven 30-23 at the 3:40 mark of the 2nd quarter. Joe Yermal and Herbert have the mostly pro-McDonogh crowd into the game for the first time. They may not win tonight, but they play with no fear. You get the feeling though that D. Green, anytime the Owls need something special, he’s ready.

7:45 PM

Consider the move countered. Just after I clicked publish for my last post the Donte Green Show morphed into the Malcolm Delaney show. Steals and scores aplenty have the Owls up 39-26 at the break. That said, outside of some major league talent, TC’s best weapon is its depth. The Owls go nine or ten deep, allowing their pressure to mirror that of Simon Cowell on Idol, with the same level of civility. Donte Green led all scorers with 13, Delaney has 12, and Joe Yermal for the Eagles has 11.

7:58 PM

Towson Catholic just ran a fast break of which the ’84 Lakers would be proud. Donte Green grabs a rebound, explodes down court… no looks to Leshon Edwards, who throws it over his head to Larry Bastfield for the reverse finish. Seriously, I can’t believe I’m watching high school basketball. The Eagles have had several good looks this quarter but on five straight three point attempts, they hit back iron. at the 2:31 mark of the 3rd TC has this one under control 49-27.

8:08 PM

The Owls only scored 12 points in the 3rd quarter, yet their lead grew by six. Suffocating defense from a fresher TC team has quieted the crowd. McDonogh has played tough but took another blow to their limited depth. 6th man Jared Jorgenson suffered a blow to the head knocking woosily to the court. He left under his own power but I do not envy the headache he’ll endure tomorrow. McDonogh’s Joe Yermal also suffered what appears to be a minor injury, no doubt scary for him though as he prepares for a collegiate baseball career at UNC-Charlotte. with 4:20 left in the 4th, TC leads 62-38.

8:25 PM

After winning the MIAA A Championship tournament, outscoring their opponents in two games by a combined 57 points, no doubt exists about who’s number one. Towson Catholic dominated for about 28 of the 32 minutes tonight claiming their first conference crown in six years. 71-49 your final from Gilman. Donte Green led all scorers with 19, Malcolm Delaney tallied 16, Brandon Herbert paced the Eagles with 16. The celebration at center court is full of dancing that makes me understand just how old I’ve become. I have no idea what they’re doing, but the Owls are having fun. The season though continues for both this Sunday in the Baltimore Catholic League Tournament, and then for Towson Catholic, a likely trip to western Maryland for the legendary Alhambra Tournament.

Hope you enjoyed the ride, thanks for logging on.


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