Anne Arundel Girls Championship Game

7:11 PM

Now that my fingers are well rested, game two. The Anne Arundel County girls basketball championship gives us the 2nd seed Old Mill (19-3) and the top seed Arundel (18-3). The Lady Wildcats didn’t lose a league game this season but as every writer or sportscaster will tell you come tournament time, no matter how cliché, it’s hard to beat a team three times in one season. That the task for Arundel tonight. The students sections from the last game have cleared out but many fans remain and a host of new ones crowd the bleachers. My ears are stinging during player introductions.. And now we tip..

7:28 PM

Halfway through the first quarter floor burns come in bunches, points do not. At the 4:00 minute mark we’re tied at four but I am a little star struck. Arundel freshman Sherrone Vails stands at 6’3”, has a soft touch and all of her team’s points. I can’t believe she’s only in 9th grade. In fact the Wildcats have just one senior on the squad. Vails also blocked a pair of shots in succession, from two different people, on two different sides of the paint. That’s special.

7:38 PM

At the end of one quarter Arundel owns a 10-6 lea. Vails leads all scorers with seven points. Charelle Brook has the only field goal for Old Mill, but it was a beauty, as she knocked down a three from about 22 feet. I don’t see the Lady Wildcats blowing this one open, the Lady Patriots play too tough defense for that. However, they need to find some scoring in a hurry.

7:50 PM

Now we’re seeing the type of game that earned these two a trip to the championship. Shots either go in or find themselves blocked. Nothing comes easy for either side. The Lady Patriots sill haven’t hit that many but prove solid from the line with more than half their points coming with the clock stopped. Ashley Davis for Arundel also catches the eye. She is crazy quick, already offering us a Baryshnykov like save and she’s knocked down a couple of jumpers. Kiara Thomas for Old Mill keeps the game close with six 2nd quarter points. At the 1:51 mark of the 2nd 22-18 Arundel.

7:58 PM

We hit the half with a bang. Sharrone Vails, with .5 seconds left knocks down a little jumper off the inbounds to give Arundel at 25-22 lead at the break. Vails put up 11 first half points while the Lady Patriots’ hot hand belonged to Kiara Thomas as she finishes with eight. After trailing by eight midway through the 2nd quarter, Old Mill rallied thanks to the energy of senior guard Ashley Jones. She puts up a fight of which Laila Ali would be proud.

8:04 PM

While at the half I’ll take a moment to stand high atop my soap box. In the boys title game during a timeout the PA System played the Rock ‘N Roll Anthem that entices fans to take part with their own chant during the chorus of “YOU SU*&” and “WE’RE GONNA BEAT THE *ELL OUT OF YOU, AND YOU, AND YOU.” Obviously it’s poor sportsmanship, but the high school kids got it watching the college kids. Although at Comcast Center they no longer play the song to prevent the cheer. That’s not my problem tonight, a long time ago I did the exact same kind of thing. But the problem comes when I look into the crowd as it’s happening and SEE PARENTS TAKING PART!!!! What the heck kind of message is that???? And we wonder why kids sometimes act poorly. Now I climb down from Mt. Superior.

8:25 PM

The 3rd quarter was a track meet and Arundel has more speed. Great effort from both teams, and plenty of scoring, but the Lady Wildcats really seemed to wear down Old Mill by quarter’s end. They opened up a 47-36 lead behind eight points in the 3rd from Brittany Watts and six in the quarter from Ayanna Randolph. But watching Ashley Jones implore her team to keep fighting, Old Mill won’t go away anytime soon.

8:35 PM

Halfway through the 4th quarter and Arundel just wrapped up an 11-0 run to go up 58-40. Too much depth for the Lady Wildcats and sophomore Ashley Davis can’t miss she just banged home her 3rd three pointer of the game.

8:45 PM

The Arundel Lady Wildcats claim the Anne Arundel County championship with at 66-52 win over Old Mill. Ashley Davis led all scorers with 21 points. Sherrone Vails finished with 13 points and four blocks. Ashley Jones poured in 14 for the Lady Patriots. I loved watching these girls play hard to the final buzzer. There was no concession until five seconds remained. The rivalry was fierce but respectful. Again, sorry this didn’t transmit live, but we’ll keep on trying. Thanks for logging on.


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