Anne Arundel Boys Championship Game Log

5:05 PM

Thanks for checking out the game logs for the Anne Arundel County Championship games at Meade H.S. Unfortunately, as you read now the games are over. A cell signal that you’d expect somewhere in rural Malaysia prevents my wireless connection to the internet inside the high school. That said, I’ll treat this just like any other game log (glog) and hope you take the time to read on. The kids deserve it, and I’ll try to earn it.

The boys game goes first. Annapolis (18-4) vs. Broadneck (20-2) and we expect the world out of this one. Broadneck earned the top seed but it was Annapolis that ended the Bruins perfect season last month with a one pont win.

5:18 PM

5:00 into the game and the Panthers, maybe buoyed by a far larger student contingent, play with greater energy and the kids are filling up the nets. Steve Hodney already has a pair of threes as Annapolis owns a 14-7 lead. Panther head coach John Brady earlier this season became the regions all time winningest coach. You can see why. Of course, we’ve only just begun.

5:24 PM

This one’s fun. An atmosphere you’d expect for a title game, but are surprised to find given the early tip off. Broadneck head coach Jon Williams will coach the county team for the Charm City Classic and he has the Rick Pitino look down. Nice threads, but the hair is more of a Dick Vitale thing. At the end on one the Bruins rallied some but still trail 19-15.

5:33 PM

The game grows tighter. Both teams run offenses, but rarely more than three passes are made before a shot. Not bad shots mind you, the score backs that up. Broadneck’s J.J. Hicks and Annapolis’ Lateef Williams are as good as advertised, but the star of the show so far is the Panthers’ Steve Hodney. Four three pointers and we still have 3:00 left in the first half. 26-25 Annapolis.

5:40 PM

Momentum finds a friend in Annapolis. The Panthers end the half on a 7-1 run, nearly a 10-1 run as Hodney’s three at the buzzer rimmed out. The roof would have shot off the gym if that one had rattled home. So the Panthers feel good, but the Bruins left the court with frowns. Hicks picked up his 2nd foul of the game, an intentional on a breakaway that sent him to the bench. Hodney leads all scorers with 12 while Mike Atkins paces the Bruins with 11. 33-26 at the break.

5:58 PM

The 3rd quarter is a two man show.. Mike Atkins for the Bruins catches fire to equal that of Hodney’s run in the first. With 2:49 left in the quarter he’s up to 20 points for the game. Draining threes, blocking shots, firing up the Broadneck fans (who may now be heard). For the Panthers, David Chapman takes center stage. He is Red Bull powerful. All two point buckets of the, don’t even think of messing with me cause it don’t matter, variety. 44-44 is your score.

6:06 PM

At the end of three we’re back where we started. A tie game at 48 and I feel privileged to be here. The keep having to expand the bleachers as Meade HS fills to the rim. Nobody’s in foul trouble so all the players should have their say in who wins this one.

6:18 PM

At the 3:16 mark of the 4th, the Bruins held a five point lead and Jon Williams had them go into a stall with the ball. Not that it’s fun to watch, but a great strategy for this game. Annapolis has only two fouls in the half. They can kill the clock and not have to worry about free throws for a while.

6:23 PM

It sounds so easy, “just kill the clock”. Kind of like “Britney, just don’t shave your head”. Easy. But with the intensity and pressure of a title game mounting nothing is easy. Think about it, the winner gets a minimum of 365 days of bragging rights and a lifetime memory. The Panthers turned it over twice and Lateef Williams made four free throws. 59-58 Broadneck with 1:00 to play and the Panthers have the ball. This game deserves nothing less than a fantastic finish.

6:34 PM

That’s a shame. Charles James hit two clutch free throws for Broadneck to give the Bruins a 61-58 lead with 17 seconds left. So down three, and with the ball, the Panthers go to their go to guy Lateef Williams. He played hard all game, and wonderfully down the stretch. But with five seconds left he drove to the basket for an uncontested layup, thus allowing the clock to run out and the Bruins to win 61-60. It’s not a shame that Broadneck won, just the disappointment I’m sure Lateef will feel for a long time.

Steve Hodney led the Panthers wth 18 points, David Chapman finished with 17.

Mike Atkins brought the Bruins back and finished with a game high 23 points and a new fan in me. He’s a warrior. Just like his teammate J.J. Hicks, he saved his best play for the 4th quarter, finishing with 16 points. The season though doesn’t end for either team as both will play in the State Tournament.


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