Boys Glog of the Week Mt. St. Joe’s vs. Towson Catholic

7:30 PM

Thanks for logging on. A great game tonight at Towson University. St. Joe’s and Towson Catholic in a rematch from earlier this week. Granted the Owls have already sown up the regular season MIAA A Championship but with about 2,000 fans in attendance, on a college floor, the atmosphere is ripe for a big game. Three kids have signed letters to major division one schools. TC’s Malcolm Delaney and Donte Green to Virginia Tech and Syracuse respectively. The Gael’s Dino Gregory to Maryland. Lest we forget, or didn’t know, during pregame Donte Green donned a Syracuse warmup. Let’s tip.

7:45 PM

A quick start for the Owls, Donte Green (and I’ll keep calling him Donte because of his teammate Brandon Green, no relation) knocked down a smooth jumper and blocked Gregory on a turnaround. Moments later Gregory returned the favor to the unadulterated delight of the St. Joe’s standing student section. Delaney drilled a 3 pointer on the break but for the 2nd time in as many games as I’ve glogged he missed an open dunk. 3:45 to play in the 1st and the Owls lead 12-7.

7:55 PM

Note this, at the 2:55 mark of the first quarter Dino Gregory picked up his 3rd foul. At the time Towson Catholic led 12-7. The Owls extended it to 17-7 but the Gaels have responded nicely and I think TC got a little excited about maybe dominating with Gregory out.

Earlier today for the 6:00 news I did a story showcasing all the buzzer beaters we’ve had in just a couple of weeks covering high school hoops. As if on cue, at the end of the first quarter Gaels junior Justin McCoy banked home an off balance 25 foot three pointer, to beat the buzzer. After one, 18-13 Towson Catholic.

8:05 PM

Halfway through the 2nd quarter and the Gaels keep hanging around, without Gregory. A big reason for that, ironically, fouls. Nobody in severe trouble for the Owls but St. Joe’s is in the double bonus and at the 2:39 mark they’ve hit 15 of 18 free throws in the game. A one point game 26-25 Towson Catholic. It’s hard to beat a time twice in one week.

8:15 PM

We’ve reached the half where the MVP is scorekeeper and his ability to count fouls. 18 total in the first half and it’s slowing the momentum of the game. Delaney picked up his 3rd with 1:33 left in the first half on a questionable call (easy for me, the play happened five feet in front of me). So despite making just four shots in the first 16 minutes Mt. St. Joe’s only trails 32-27. The Gaels went 17-20 in the half and 12-12 in the 2nd quarter alone. Even I can figure out that’s 85%, or about 10% better than most every NCAA Division One team in the country. For TC, Donte Green leads all scorers with 13. He is fun to watch. A ball handler at 6’8″ who doesn’t mind contact inside. He has a tremendous future.

Incidentally, I don’t know if any of this has actually published yet, seems to be having some issues. Regardless, I’m on the clock and typing at a rate without mistakes that fails to come close to that of the Gaels at the charity stripe.

8:30 PM

A great exchange between Towson Catholic head coach Josh Pratt and the referee named Dave. Following about four straight calls that went the way of Mt. St. Joe’s. (I’m not implying favoritism that’s just how they went)This exchange taking place at a decibel level of say 103.

“Dave! Dave! Dave! Dave! Dave! Dave!”


“Dave, where was the foul on Malcolm?”

“You want a foul?”


“On the layup?”



And there you have the 3rd quarter so far. Lots of calls the way of the Owls and some very inspired play by the Gaels’ Dino Gregory. After sitting out most of the first half in foul trouble Gregory is very fresh and playing with a purpose. A huge clean block set the visiting crowd into a tizzy (technical term). Again, despite what I’ve just written about, Towson Catholic leads 45-41 after three quarters.

8:45 PM

Not much scoring, in fact not much of anything the first half of the 4th quarter. Nearing the end of a grueling season is taking its toll. Wait a minute, a big three from an unlikely source. Freshman Gael Guard Eric Atkins just reigned home a 22 footer to tie the game at 50. The building once again has life. 4:00 to play in the game.

9:05 PM

And we have the play of the game, with the Gaels down 3 and less than 20 seconds remaining, Quentin Jones lined up for a three, he seemed open, but Donte Green’s wingspan said otherwise. With the very last bit of his longest finger he blocked the effort. The Owls rebounded and preserved the win.

Even with nothing on the line more than pride, these teams gave a great show. Jamell Walker for Mt. St. Joe’s also looks capable of playing division one ball. Malcolm Delaney led all scorers with 16. Sorry for the problems, hope you enjoyed the read.


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