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Let’s set up the day in local college hoops. Just a few teams in action tonight . 1st place Loyola plays at Fairfield and Morgan State tries to shake off a late blown lead at Longwood with a win at Delaware State.

However, it’s fair to say the Bears have a distraction with which to contend. First year MSU coach Todd Bozeman apparently struggled to keep the tough loss on the court. Following the Bears game the team stopped at Mulligan’s restaurant in Farmville, VA to pick up 52 sandwiches for the ride home (the Richmond Times-Dispatch story of the account may be read here). Apparently they weren’t what Bozeman had wanted, and he allegedly kind of flipped out.

“He yelled, ‘I ain’t scared of you country bumpkins. I want my . . . money back!’”

He then allegedly shook one of the female managers of the restaurant.

Also according to the story the police backed up the claims of the restaurant employees, and a warrant has been issued for misdemeanor assault.

Now in the grand scheme of things, this sound like a guy in a very high stress job that couldn’t find the on switch for his common sense and anger filters. There will be little in the way of legal ramifications.

However, Bozeman can’t afford much of any transgression. He spent the last eight years on NCAA suspension.

It’s unbelievable to think that a guy who swore up and down how grateful he was for a second chance could make such a public scene, bringing bad publicity to the school that gave him a break.

Morgan State has yet to publicly respond to the incident. But privately they must be fuming.


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