Randallstown @ New Town Girls Game Log

7:10 PM

Thanks for logging on. The game you voted in this week for the live game log (glog) is Randallstown (9-4) @ New Town (14-0). I hope the jayvee game is a predictor for the varsity. In a last second thriller the Rams knocked off the Titans 34-33.

Even though the schools are so close in proximity they play in different regions and really know little about each other. I spoke to both coaches before the game. Pamela Wright of New Town said she tried to watch the Rams earlier this year but the schedule was wrong. But she doesn’t seem that concerned. When I asked her about the 14-0 record and the possibility of going undefeated she said it’s what they expect. No hesitation. Not a blink of the eye. They expect to win.

As for Randallstown, they have a first year coach in Ellen Fitzkee. That’s a little misleading though. She coached for more than a decade at Towson University so she brings some heavy cred to a program that needed it. The Rams had a losing season last year, but not because of a lack of talent. They just needed some direction. And tonight Fitzkee said because of the confidence and record, New Town is ripe for an upset. Six minutes to tip off.

7:35 PM

Coach Fitzkee might be right. The Rams have handled the pressure of New Town thanks to the diminutive Kelsie Singleton. She is tiny but can ball. Very fast and plenty of court vision. Neither team has hit a jumper yet but fast breaks on both side have the game flying. With 3:00 left in the 1st quarter Randallstown leads 10-6. The last three games the Titans have outscored their opponents 194-51.

7: 45PM

You picked another good game. For that, I say thanks. Kelsie Singleton continues to impress. She knocked down a long three and another jumper putting the under dog Rams up 15-6. New Town ended the quarter on a 6-0 run thanks to the stong post play of Lindsey Wallace. Randallstown has nobody on the roster to match up with her size and strength. Getting her the ball enough though is another matter. End of 1st, 15-12 Randallstown.

7:55 PM

Randallstown got the Titans attention. Their full attention. And now that they have it, I’m sure they’d like to get back under the radar. New Town’s 2-2-1 press wreaks havoc on the Rams. Turnover after turnover has the Titans on a 25-0 run. And wow do they take advantage of the tunovers, they don’t walk it up the court after a steal. You look up and three Titans are streaking towards the basket. Lindsey Wallace though appears to have sprained an ankle. She limped off at the 4:00 minute mark of the 2nd quarter. 3:15 left, 31-18 Titans.

8:05 PM

I don’t know if it was the snow, or a slow dreary day, or what but for the first eight minutes of this game each team looked to have about the same level of speed. The last ten New Town hit the easy button, and took off running. I already talked about the defense but the Titans also pass very well. They all see the floor. New Town leads 39-19 at the half. Brittney Spencer has a game high ten points. Kelsie Singleton leads the Rams with eight.

8:25 PM

The 3rd quarter looks pretty much like the 2nd. New Town still rolls. What’s interesting to watch now is how the coaches handle themselves. Ellen Fitzkee and Pamela Wright have stayed the same throughout. Each communicates without screaming and the players all seem to listen. It’s not a lack of intensity. Just a refreshing level of common sense. Guys coaches scream at all levels at all times. I did it too as a jayvee coach in Biglerville, PA. It’s what everyone else so why not. Women just seem to understand it’s not a law to scream during a game. 2:30 left in the 3rd. 54-29 Randallstown.

8:35 PM

The pace has slowed a bit as you’ expect. The intensity just isn’t there anymore from either team. Makes sense the Titans have a 30 point lead with less than 5:00 to play. That said they’re not just going through the motions. It’s mostly starters for both teams still in the game and the Titans continue to press, although again with a little less intensity.

The Regional Tournaments are played at the top seed’s gym. Expect a lot of games here at New Town come playoff time. 65-35 Titans with 4:33 to play.

8:48 PM

With the sluggish start behind them, the Titans roll on with the perfect season intact. New Town improves to 15-0 with an 82-44 win. Peju Awodipe had a big 2nd half totalling a game high 21 points. Tyra Breaux had 17 for the Titans. Kelsie Singleton led the Rams with 12. Even though Randallstown lost by 38, the Rams actually scored more than all but two teams against the Titans this year. Two minutes after game time and they’ve turned off the lights so I’m out of here. Hope you enjoyed the glog and make sure to vote next week.


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