Towson Catholic / St. Frances Boys Game Log

7:00 PM

You know a good one’s on tap when there are no seats to be found even during the jayvee game. That’s the situation for our first live game log (glog) for Xtra Points at Towson Catholic, ranked 1st in the Sun Poll at 3rd ranked St. Frances provide the excitement. It’s a rematch from earlier in the season, a game the Owls won easily by ten, and I’m told by a St. Frances administrator that it wasn’t that close. But that was at TC, tonight at SFA they expect something else.

Plenty of college coaches here including Towson’s Pat Kennedy. We’re seven minutes from tip off. Stay tuned.

7:22 PM

Second verse same as the first, at least so far. Towson Catholic’s Donte Green (headed to Syracuse) needed just 11 seconds to score the game’s first points. Did so on a drive and drew the foul on the Panthers best player Sean Mosely. Halfway through the first quarter 10-3 Towson Catholic.

7:30 PM

SFA settled down in front of the home crowd and played better the rest of the quarter. The Panthers are well coached. TC went to a zone and SFA immediately recognized and responded with good ball movement leading to a Sean Mosely three. That said, The Owl are so loaded with talent none of tht might matter. Donte Green and Malcolm Delaney show why they have division one scholarshiops. 22-13 TC after one.

7:48 PM

The 2nd quarter gave us what we expected. A great game back and forth. Donte Green and Malcolm Delaney continue to impress, each with 12 points at the break. But SFA really showed some toughness. The Panthers could have been blown out. Instead they went diving for every loose ball, surprised the Owls with blocked shots and steals. Sean Mosely has 11 to lead the Panthers. It would have been a four point game at the half, but Brandon Green for TC drilled a fadeaway three at the buzzer to give Towson Catholic a 39-32 lead at halftime.

8:06 PM

It’s a little sloppier, maybe getting tired, but the intensity and effort are great from both teams. Malcolm Delaney missed a dunk, immediately stole the pass then finished a ridicul0usly difficult left hand layup forcing a SFA timeout. Donte Green seems a little frustrated as the Owls continue to settle for threes while he’s open inside. Can’t say I blame him. 48-44 TC with 1:46 left in 3rd quarter.

Quick note, joining the coaches in attendance is Maryland assistant and Dunbar legend Keith Booth.

8:15 PM

TC remembered that Donte Green is bigger than everyone on the court, and quicker than most. He has started to take over. Drawing fouls and hitting free throws. But Nija Hibbert stole a pass just before the end of the 3rd for a buzzer beating layup (that’s two out of three quarters the buzzer takes a loss). St. Frances keeps hanging around. 6:28 left in the game and the Owls lead 56-50.

8:27 PM

We have a ballgame. 4:00 left and for the first time since 0-0, it’s tied. 57-57 on a pair of Desmond Thomas free throws. Now it’s Malcolm Delaney getting frustrated and again I don’t blame him. He keeps driving the lane and getting hacked, but the refs have stayed quiet.

8:37 PM

Ain’t I the kiss of death. From that last post, Towson Catholic ends the game on a 14-1 run winning the contest 71-58. All the energy it took to tie the game was all the Panthers seemed to have. Malcolm Delaney and Donte Green wouldn’t allow an upset. They finish with 20 and 22 points respectively. Sean Mosely led the Panthers with 21. There was a bit of pushing and shoving at the end of the game, the culmination of two good teams playing very hard for an hour and a half.

Thanks for following along. Make sure to vote at Xtra Points next week and send me to your game.


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