Throwing it back at you

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The Maryland Men played very well Wednesday night. Swarming defense and the best night James Gist’s career helped the Terps to an 80-65 victory over Georgia Tech. The win leaves Maryland at 16-5 overall and 2-4 in the ACC. Considering the Terrapins have yet to play Duke or North Carolina, knocking off the Yellow Jackets (a team without a road win since Feb. 25th, 2005) was a must. Job well done.

Then came the post game comments from Gary Williams immediately following during the radio broadcast. And forgive me for paraphrasing a bit as I was riding along in my car and just listening.

It was a very good win for us. It was really nice to throw it back in the face of some people.

The people to which Gary Williams referred were the media and some fans, but mostly the media. Sun Columnist Rick Maese took Gary to task earlier this week for accepting mediocrity.

Gary’s comments last night prove it. If beating a lousy Tech team at home serves as a notch on the belt about which to brag then calling the Terps mediocre is unfair to the word mediocre.

I’m not sure when the transformation occurred but Williams went from NCAA Champion and author of how to beat the big boys without star recruits, to a champion of failed expectations and leads the league in whining about anyone not on board the Gary Train.

The Terps have some nice young players in Greivis Vasquez, Eric Hayes, and Bambale Osby. It’s a good group on which to build. But the fact remains that Williams blew two huge recruiting classes following the 2002 Title and now sits well back in the ACC. His assessment of the situation (and confounding attitude) leaves little hope that the future is really any brighter.


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