Who’s the real Michael Vick?

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The star on Michael Vick’s career grows dimmer by the day. The onetime darling of the NFL, the owner of a staggering 10 year contract, according to reports tried to sneak through airport security with a small amount of marijuana.

The list of his transgressions reads like a Hollywood Tabloid. From flipping off his own fans to passing along sexually transmitted diseases, Vick continues to destroy his chances at leading the Falcons to anything other than failure.

It’s sad to see such talent fall short of expectations. But on the bright side, we find the chance to search Vick’s non-football parallel. Who says football season is no fun once the Ravens are done, huh?

So we’re looking for someone immensely talented, a terrible decision maker, but still young enough to have a chance to rebound a career (as a bonus, finding a younger brother with his own legal problems would be a bonus.

Charlie Sheen comes to mind. His track record of malfeasance impresses with an arrest for misdemeanor battery, and testifying in the Heidi Fleiss trial to spending more than $50,000 on prostitutes.

He also has a famous brother (Emilio Estevez), but Charlie’s younger and Emilio has no arrest record.

Sheen though proved capable of resurrecting a once defunct career so at the least he provides as a role model for Vick.

Haley Joel Osment has the talent (blew everyone away in the 6th Sense) and an arrest record too. But Osment lacks the seediness of Vick. A little too innocent for a true comparison.

But Lindsay Lohan? She offers up talent as Disney Movie’s pride and joy, has a record deal with Casablanca/Universal, acts like a spoiled brat more often than not, and just the other day checked into rehab. She has younger siblings, and although none of them have gotten into trouble yet, it’s likely because they’re not old enough.

I’ve been instructed by a colleague that the comparison is too easy. But that doesn’t make it wrong. Michael Vick = Lindsay Lohan. Can’t wait to see what either does next. Whether it’s falling farther down or rising once again, they’ll no doubt move on in a manner that we can’t help but watch.


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