Moving On

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I think I’m finally over the Colts move. Sure, it was still strange and a little hurtful seeing the blue horseshoes in Baltimore. Even seeing a guy from the Colts front office wearing the logo in the press box made me double take for a moment.

But once the game began it was all about studying the team I know best and wondering why after two weeks of rest and preparation they couldn’t solve anything about Indy’s defense.

The person responsible for the pain is long gone and putting away Bob Irsay’s treachery was maybe best summed up by an old friend. Phil Bailey is like an uncle to me, one of my Dad’s best friends with whom he shared three Colts season tickets for more than a decade.

I asked him before the game how he felt about the week of buildup to the Colts return. His view was very simple

“Pete, I believe in a just God so I know in my heart that Robert Irsay is rotating on a spit in Hell. So I’ve put it behind me.”

That’s Phil, clear cut and to the point. Except when talking politics, then we get muddled. But that’s a story for a different blog. I’ll send him Chip Franklin’s way for that.


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