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I just read a fascinating article in the Sun today about how some of the writers voted for Baseball Hall of Fame candidates this year. Actually, disturbing is a better description.

Paul Ladewski of the Daily Southtown owns a vote for the Hall and tells the Sun he failed to vote for either Cal Ripken Jr. or Tony Gwynn. Not because he thinks they aren’t worthy as individuals. Instead he defends the decision like this.

“In an attempt to uphold the Hall of Fame standards established by their predecessors, I will not vote for anyone who played in the 1993-2004 period, which I consider to be the Steroids Era,”

Ladewski certainly owns the right to leave a player off the ballot if he feels the player cheated. It’s his job to judge. But to not judge each player on an individual basis, rather make a sweeping statement, goes beyond his scope.

Baseball, at least at one point, earned the title of “America’s Pastime.” Is there anything less American that an accusation of guilt by association?

Also Ladewski’s phrase “to uphold the Hall of Fame standards established by their predecessors” is laughable. How about Gaylord Perry? He cheated and made the Hall of Fame. Ty Cobb proved a social parasite but went in without blink of they eye.

The place to make a statement about believed steroid use should arrive in his column. Not in a decade long ban with Ladewski’s Hall of Fame ballot.


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