Billick’s All In

Dealt a pair of tens in Texas Hold ‘Em, and low in chips, Brian Billick makes the smart move. He goes all in. Why not, if your job is on the line and the guy you’ve entrusted to help secure it leaves you shaking your head, you fire him. Even if he is one of your best friends. And then you go the only guy you trust to get the job done…..yourself..

Notice the wording though… (yes, I’m quoting myself)

“the only guy you trust to get the job done”

Billick trusts himself. But shoould he? Throughout his tenure filled with offensive inadequacies, the only constant?? Billick. Different coordinators, different quarterbacks, different schemes, same Brian Billick. Granted, he only called plays during his first season with the Ravens but it’s hard to believe eveyone else that came to Baltimore forgot how to score points upon arrival.

But firing oneself hardly helps the personal finances so Billick’s betting on himself. The offensive woes though are more than calling plays. Communication within the staff and with the players proved poor with Fassel. Exactly what the gameplan was nobody seemed to know.

And what gets a little scary, if the Ravens struggle with clock management late in halves, and they do, what will it be like now that he’s focused on calling plays too?

Hey, it can’t get any worse on offense (although we thought that last year and statistically it did) so the change might work. Brian Billick’s been called an offensive genious. Now we’ll get to see firsthand.


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