What’s that horrible taste in my mouth?

I really need to work on my hygiene. Apparently I haven’t vigorously washed my feet for quite some time. Deep between the toes is the worst. I know this because for the last two and a half hours I’ve had my foot in my mouth.

The Ravens have done nearly everything against the Buccaneers I didn’t think they could. Above average pass protection, nice balance between the run and the pass, McNair has mixed things up beautifully, letting the clock churn like Amish butter.

Meanwhile, we had forgotten how good a rested Ravens defense performs. Ray Lewis and Bart Scott immediately become the best linebacker tandem in football (Chris Simms has no idea what hat him). Chris McAlister shows the form that earned him top cornerback money. And Rex Ryan’s schemes seem brilliant.

What makes me feel at least a little better, I wasn’t alone in failing to expect this. After the Ravens manhood stealing opening drive of 14 plays, 80 yards, in about nine minutes Brian Billick could be seen on the sidelines (you’ll have to trust my lip reading skills) saying

“Can you *&$%^#& believe it? Wow!”

One word of caution though. In 2003 the Bills blanked the Patriots 31-0 in the season opener. New England went on to win the Super Bowl while the Bills missed the playoffs at 6-10. Just be careful reading too much into one game.

That said, I plan my own caution in doubting the Ravens anymore in 2006.


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