Which is worse?

Here’s where I differ from most Baltimore area sports fans. I still watch the Orioles. Okay, I have to but I think I’d do it even if it wasn’t my job. It’s a good bet that for two out of three games this group of Birds will provide some intense drama. Granted, the outcome we can predict with greater ease than even the pundits taking Reagan over Mondale in 1984. But wow they keep it interesting.

Rallying several times on Sunday at Fenway had to make you at least a little proud. And they had the winning run at the plate against the best young closer in the game (Jonathan Papelbon) having already scored a pair in the inning. That doesn’t sound like a team well on its way to a 9th consecutive losing season, one that will likely see less than 70 wins.

And, without condoning the specific act(I’m a dad now), way to go Miggy. Tejada’s killing the ball, playing some great defense and when he flipped off the fans in Toronto I said, there’s passion worth cheering. If only he had the same passion the first two months of the season.

So the question becomes, is it worse to watch a team give its best (or something close to it) on a nightly basis and continue to lose, or watch a team with greater talent tank it, knowing the season is gone? Sure the short term answer goes with the former. Like I said, I love watching the drama of the 2006 Orioles. But since they’re playing hard, and still losing, it makes you wonder just how much better can it be. And that’s where the depression starts to sink in. Now aren’t you glad you read this far?


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