Killing ’em with kindness

A couple of waves of college friends found their way to Baltimore this week allegedly to visit me and my ever growing family, but in reality to watch the Yankees at Camden Yards (yes I guess I’m part of the problem but at least they’re friends and not just random Bronxers on e-bay).

We all know the reasons of course; easier to get tickets, better prices, gorgeous park, Baltimore fans staying away in droves amidst a 9th straight losing season, and what could be more fun than taking over a visiting stadium like locusts. You know it’s bad when Yankee fans don’t even bother to pick fights with those wearing the orange in black, instead they look for those wearing the Red Sox B (of which there are plenty) and mix it up with them.

The Orioles marketing machine has encouraged Orioles fans not to sell their tickets to out of towners, and for years sports talk radio has chided the practice, but to no avail.

What’s worse though, while killing time before Sunday’s game with the Yankees we ventured into the Orioles Baseball store, and found the ridiculous. In the middle of all the Orioles paraphernalia, there it is. A collection of Yankee hats and jerseys for sale.

Disgusting. Hey New York, just in case you forgot your hat, or now realize on your first trip to Camden Yards that it’s safe to wear your colors, come on in. We’ve got you covered.

It’s one thing not to intimidate the visitors, I think that’s fair, but do you really have to cater to them full service? Oh wait, maybe that extra $100 in hat sales will help sign the next free agent that puts the O’s back in contention.


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