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Watching Tiger Woods once again dominate a major, once again play his best while the rest of the field not named Chris DiMarco looked into the eyes of Tiger and disappeared like Mark McGwire after the Congressional steroid hearings, you know… quietly, watching Tiger showed the full promise of a child prodigy fulfilled, again.

There may never be another player like him. One so driven from the time he could stand as an 18 month old and began to swing a club.

But we will keep our eyes open.

It’s a long haul from showing some sort of promise as a toddler. In fact lots of kids can swing a club with a bit of success (thanks youtube). Sifting through the clips brings a smile to my face, probably as much because I’m a new dad as because of any talent. But then I received a video recording from some proud grandparents in Columbia, MD.

The Bredthauers, with actually an amazing amount of restraint, bragged only a little but wrote that it was worth taking a look. Their grandson Carson Hall they explained, at just 30 months of age, was pretty darn good (he lives in Philadelphia).

Go ahead and take a look for yourself here.

One word, three letters, WOW! The hand eye coordination is completely remarkable. Carson hits it great from the tee, off the mat with an iron, with ridiculous efficiency out of the sand (likely better than about 85 percent of the golfing population) and proves to have already learned, you drive for show but putt for dough.

The best part of watching Carson though is to see how much fun he’s having. His dad Scott may give him the tools and take him to the golf facility but it doesn’t appear in any way that Carson is being forced.

I look forward to shooting a story with Carson sometime soon, curious to meet the talented toddler and see in person just how well he plays. But we’ll hold off on calling him a prodigy. Showcasing the talent is a big part of that term, but only the beginning. It’s a long way to go to become Tiger Woods.


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