Alotta Ngata

The Ravens opened rookie mini camp today with all ten draftees in attendance, plus a dozen newly signed undrafted free agents. I didn’t get a chance to watch, but the new voice of the Ravens Gerry Sandusky took it all in and shared some thoughts.

He was amazed at seeing Haloti Ngata on the field. Said it reminded him of the first time he saw Jonathon Ogden in uniform. Your jaw just kind of drops as you can’t believe someone that big can also move that quickly. Said he had never seen calves like Ngata’s. They’re just enormous.

As for Gerry Sandusky, getting ready for his first season as play by play announcer for the Ravens, he’s like my seven month old son when I let him play with the remote. Pure and complete joy. I can’t imagine anyone being more prepared. Here we are three months away from the first preseason game and he already has depth charts ready for print. I’ll come in the office and find him studying game film like a coach. And for those that don’t know, Gerry knows football. Not like a fan. Not like a regular sportscaster. He grew up in the game, on the NFL sidelines. His father John coached for decades with Don Shula. This is no slam against Scott Garceau who is the consummate professional. Just know that Gerry brings to the broadcast a complete understanding of the game, the ability to make sure you understand it. I can’t wait for the first broadcast.


I took in the Orioles game last night without any broadcast. Sat in the stands with my wife and another couple. Actually, that’s a bit of an understatement. My General Manager was kind enough to share the company seats. The good ones. Three rows back and just left of homeplate. Granted, it was KC in town, but still. So close that I now know Matt Stairs needs dental work and that Kerry Robinson does not like to be told he doesn’t fill out a jersey with the number 44.

Anyway, the point of this is actually about the other couple. New to the area, this was their first trip to Camden Yards. It was kind of depressing to explain how it used to be impossible to get a ticket without knowing someone. And that Baltimore is actually a very good baseball town. They gave the park a nice review. Who doesn’t? And actually the organization and team followed through with a great product. A good game, dramatic till the end, no errors, the Orioles won, and the fireworks display that followed equaled the one on New Years Eve at the Inner Harbor. Now if we could just update the jukebox to include anything from the past, say even ten years, that would be nice.

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