Err or Air McNair?

Asked for your feedback last night on the news about the possibility of Steve McNair playing for the Ravens, and your thoughts on the draft in general for Baltimore.

First off, Baltimore’s first round pick Haloti Ngata arrived Sunday for greetings and introductions. You can watch his first press conference as a Raven. Meet The Ravens #1 Pick.

As for thoughts on McNair, this an e-mail from the desk of Jen Asher:

Are you kidding me???? The Ravens and Steve McNair…

As native Baltimorean , I just have to say enough is enough we are now scraping the bottom of the barrel for any broken down, almost has-been player that has at least a year or two left on their inflated contracts. I mean come on after not making the playoffs last year and barely making it year before, can the fans make some suggestions:

Stop calling Ray Lewis a cry baby because wants more assistance on defense.
Applaud the defense from last year minus Ray and Ed that keep the Ravens in most of the games that played.

Give Kyle Boller a chance to develop into a good QB , he showed glimpses of brilliance last year given the confidence of being the starter without injury he may develop into the great first pick we all hoped he’d be.

Finally can we go back to the 3-4 defense, hey wasn’t the defense scheme that won us a SUPERBOWL????

I’m just a silly girl, now what do I know….

Thanks for the time and thoughts Jen. Always a refreshing reminder that people can have 99.99% of the same DNA yet have entirely different opinions on football. As for you question about the 3-4, the Ravens played the 4-3 in 2000 with the front four of Rob Burnett, Sam Adams, Tony Siragusa, and Michael McCrary. They went back to the 4-3 last year when Rex Ryan became defensive coordinator. Here’s an article from The Washington Post’s Camille Powell (a woman who’s anything but silly in her knowledge of football). You may have to register to read the article. And for anyone that’s not sure, here’s a story I found that helps explain the difference between the two defenses.

Back to the quarterback quandary and whether it’s Err or Air McNair. I’m going with the latter. Even though he’s eleven years in and now 32 years old, McNair once again has his health and with a solid running game behind him several productive years remain for the former NFL Co-MVP.

Hard to see a way in which Steve McNair fails to come to Baltimore. He will leave the Titans, wants to play for the Ravens, and the Ravens want him. The questions then are when and at what cost.

Even though the issues are simple, a resolution is not. It comes down to a battle of general managers. Ozzie Newsome vs. Floyd Reese.

The Titans of course want to trade McNair rather than release him. Why, you wonder, would the Ravens give up anything for a player they know will become available at some point? Simple. That phrase; at some point.

The Titans could drag out the process all the way to the beginning of training camp in July, leaving the Ravens without the quarterback they covet for the next three months, a crucial time in the development of an offense. Wouldn’t you want your starting quarterback available for mini camps and meetings to learn a whole new offense? It seems simple, give the Titans something and move forward with McNair at the helm.

Newsome though knows the Titans can’t really wait that long to release McNair. They need his $23.46 million in cap space to sign other free agents and draft picks. As you might guess, Vince Young won’t come cheaply.

So now we have a test of wills between the GM’s. I confess to not having studied much of the career of Floyd Reese but with Ozzie it’s easier to evaluate what might happen.

We saw Saturday that when the Ravens are close to getting what they want, they take the risk out of play. That explains the trade up from 13 to 12 with the Browns to select Haloti Ngata. They had to know Cleveland wasn’t that interested in Ngata, otherwise they wouldn’t make the trade, but the possibility of another team trading up to the 12th and stealing Ngata away seemed real.

From there we can deduce, with McNair so close to wearing the purple, Newsome won’t risk waiting till July. McNair might not make it to town for the first mini camps in May, but expect him here when things get going in earnest this June.

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