Daddyhood Musings

Been off for three days, mostly tending to my seven month old twins. In the brief moments between not eating and not sleeping, things went popping in my head. Some at
my head, and some in it.

It continues to amaze me how many people earn a livelihood on the NFL Draft. Millions of dollars to be made all in preparation for the draft. An entire weekend of coverage complete with draft superstars like Baltimore’s Mel Kiper Jr., to discuss the picking of teams. When I think of player selection, I think of praying not to be the last one standing in front of the backstop at age 11. The process took two minutes. Then it was the game that mattered. Congrats to the NFL for becoming so hugely popular that its non-game event grabs a bigger television rating than most MLB games on the same Saturday.

Speaking of MLB, here’s an example of why the tradition rich league lags behind the NFL in marketing and excitement. Road Grays. In use since the dawn of time, they inspire like the colorless attire of the Soviet Union. It’s like Brezhnev picked them out himself. They are boring, ugly, out of touch and need to go.

Another tradition I’ve never enjoyed; pitcher retaliation. This brought to mind thanks to the flap with Jose Mesa and Omar Vizquel. Mesa drilled Vizquel again earlier this week, a feud stemming from their time as teammates in Cleveland. So a personal vendetta leads to retaliation. Instead of sending Vizquel and Mesa to the center of town at high noon with pistols, other players end up plunked unnecessarily. Here’s my question; if the retaliation is to serve as a message or deterrent, why did the batter get hit in the first place? The first pitcher knows he’s putting his own players at risk, yet head hunts away. There is no deterrent and the only message is one of stupidity.

Watched the third to last episode Will & Grace last night (kids had gone to sleep). Love the show ever since my wife made me watch it three years ago. But like seemingly every other sit com, outside of Seinfeld, the producers are compelled to make the show sappy and dramatic. Like the moth to the flame or the swans to Capistrano, they can’t help themselves. Please, just keep it funny.

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I’ll be back regularly throughout the weekend to discuss the NFL Draft. For what it’s worth, and because everyone has a prediction, with the 13th pick in the 2006 NFL Draft the Baltimore Ravens select Brodrick Bunkley , defensive tackle from Florida State. Want your feedback on the Ravens selections. I’ll share your best e-mails.


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